An unfinished project, now complete!

I've written pretty extensively on this blog about my work related to gender issues and women's empowerment as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco (if you're new to the blog, you can read some of those posts here). About halfway through my service in Morocco, I started a project with an amazing group of young Moroccan girls … Continue reading An unfinished project, now complete!

Some of the work I’ve done recently

You might already know that International Women's Day was last week - If you didn't, you can read a bit more about it in my blog post from last year. This day marked the culmination of a few fun projects that I've been working on, so I wanted to share them with you!My role as … Continue reading Some of the work I’ve done recently

Feeling inspired

Just came back from an inspiring few days! This week, I attended the quarterly meetings of Peace Corps Morocco's Gender and Development Committee (GAD), which helps to provide support, encouragement, and resources for Peace Corps Volunteers in conducting activities around gender roles and empowerment. (You can read some older GAD-related posts here.)In each GAD meeting, … Continue reading Feeling inspired

Women’s day, every day

This past Thursday (March 8) marked an internationally-recognized day called International Women's Day. In 29 countries throughout the world, it is considered a national holiday (the U.S. and Morocco are not included on that list). International observances of this day date back all the way to 1910, initially having started as a Socialist political event, … Continue reading Women’s day, every day