An unfinished project, now complete!

I’ve written pretty extensively on this blog about my work related to gender issues and women’s empowerment as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco (if you’re new to the blog, you can read some of those posts here). About halfway through my service in Morocco, I started a project with an amazing group of young Moroccan girls from GlobalGirl Media, an organization that empowers young women from underserved communities by teaching them new media and leadership skills. 

These girls were passionate about creating a video on an issue that affects girls and women in Morocco and in other countries throughout the world — sexual harassment. I wrote a grant for their project, to cover the costs of filming people throughout Morocco – women and men, old and young, in small and large communities – as well as the editing and production of a video with their findings. Unfortunately, the filming took longer than expected and I left Morocco before the project was completed. I’m happy to say though that these dedicated individuals remained committed to the project along with other Peace Corps volunteers and have completed an amazing 3-part video! It’s really exciting to see what these girls have been able to accomplish and to know that I played a role in helping them to express themselves and to stand up for issues in their country.

If you are interested, the 3-part video can be viewed on the below links (they have English voices dubbed over):
Part I: Is this Normal?
Part II: Let’s Talk about Normal
Part III: Time for a New Normal

In other news, Justin and I are enjoying our time with the adorable Katie and exploring DC as much as possible when it’s not covered in snow. We’re counting the days until springtime, cherry blossoms, picnics and bike rides! More updates to come soon.

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